SailTek Ltd., the supplier of Ronstan and Andersen products now has the award winning ‘Constrictor’ rope clutch for holding rope from 6mm to 14mm diameter. Unlike all conventional clutches the Constrictor system does not crush the rope between two metal surfaces, the loaded rope is held securely in a textile sock, itself attached to an anchor base. The rope runs freely through the sock in one direction , but is gripped instantly within the sock when running out in the opposite direction, providing increasing holding power as the load increases.

The advantages of the Constrictor can be summarized as:

  • Stronger – Twice the holding power of conventional rope clutches
  • Lighter – Three times lighter than conventional rope clutches
  • No abrasion or rupture – grip is achieved by fibre to fibre contact which is less aggressive than conventional metal cam
  • Release under load – easily released without the use of a winch
  • Remote release system – the Dyneema lanyard can be extended for remote release such as a halyard lock at the top of the mast.
  • Competitive pricing – compared to the equivalent holding power of a conventional clutch.

The Constrictor solution is being used on top Maxi, Mini, Multi, IMOCA and AC72 yachts providing a trouble free and ergonomic solution to rope holding.

The Constrictor comes in 5 different sizes dependent on rope diameter. It can come with a base unit for securing or a alloy mounting colar for integration in user provided mount.