Swivel Head Orbit Blocks

New Swivel Head Orbit Blocks™
Award Winning Blocks Now Available with Stainless Attachment Points

Ronstan has expanded their award winning line of Orbit Blocks™ by introducing several new Swivel Head blocks. These blocks are exactly the same as the original Orbit Blocks™, except the soft Dyneema® Link Head system has been replaced with a stainless steel swivel head for use with traditional hard attachment points.

This expansion is designed for the sailor who wants Orbit Block™ performance, without converting to a soft, line based attachment system. The Swivel Head blocks also offer unlimited block rotation and ultimate durability.

Swivel Head Orbit Blocks™ are available now and come in Series 40 and 55 single blocks with beckets, and a Series 55 Ratchet block.

Swivel Block Swivel Block