Orbit Blocks

Ronstan's revolutionary lightweight Orbit Block™ systems are the new force in hardware technology that is giving the winning edge to the heavyweights of the sailing world.

Orbit Blocks™ are a no-compromise solution for the world's racing sailors. Ronstan's blocks boast the use of the advanced fibre and polymer technology that is up to 10 times stronger than steel yet more compact and lighter.

Ronstan has replaced virtually all metal components in its ball bearing Orbit Blocks™ with the hi-tech polymers and fibre equivalents for optimum heavy duty performance in the lightest product possible. They have engineered out the heavy steel load straps, head posts, shackle, fasteners and cleating accessories and have replaced the traditional shackle and post head with an innovative Dyneema® Link configuration that reflects the latest trends in development classes and Grand Prix ocean racing.                

         Orbit Block                 Ronstan           Dyneema link              

The Dyneema® Link is easily fitted and is kept securely by a moulded retainer clip. The flexible Link can be left with one end attached to the block when fitting, which means no more lost shackle pins. And the system is truly compatible with Dyneema®/Spectra® strops, webbing and carbon connection points.

Other benefits of Ronstan's Orbit Block™ systems include:

* Low profile and compactness, with the flexible Dyneema® Link providing controlled rotation and 0 and 90 degree orientation. It connects directly to the head of the block for reduced weight and the lowest possible lead.

                                             Ratchet Block                   

* The ratchet blocks, which are the same price as the manual only models, are the only block available offering the flexibility of both manual and full automatic modes for smooth easing of sheets and high-performance cleating.

                                            Mainsheet Block    

* Fiddle block flexibility that is suitable for spliced and unspliced lines. A becket takeoff can be added to any fiddle block version by adding a Dyneema® Link for additional purchase.

                                         Mainsheet Ratchet block          


* Lightweight fibre-reinforced cleats, fairleads and cleat arms that have a wide range of adjustment and calibration marks that are perfect for selecting cleating angle settings.

For further details contact sailtek@btinternet.com or download the relevant brochure on the size of block you are interested in:

Series 20/30 Orbit Blocks

Series 40 Orbit Blocks

Series 55 Orbit Blocks

Series 70 Orbit Blocks