All Purpose Core Blocks

The new Core Block offers an attractive and affordable option as a basic all-round sailing block.

                                                        Ronstan Core Block                                                                                                                                     

It has an exclusive 2-stage bearing system, housed in durable alloy cheeks. Stage one is a low friction ball bearing system for moderate loads, while stage two engages when loads increase for superior high stress performance. Friction is reduced by nearly half compared to more traditional alternatives.

                                      Ronstan Core Blocks

Core Blocks have been designed to complement the modern racing look of the rest of the Ronstan block range with shaped alloy cheeks. They have removable becket pins, a fully articulating base for the stand-up models and a universal head system that can be locked in either of two planes or left free to swivel.

Ideal as sheet blocks on cruisers or racing cruisers they are also a good choice for high static load applications. Core Blocks are available in two sizes, Series 60 and Series 75 and are suitable for boats up to 14m (46 feet) depending on the application. Alloy sheave models are also available for use with wire.

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