Custom Products

                                  Traveller Car

Ronstan's standard product range is a great platform for further development. Often a minor change or adaptation of an existing product will produce just the right outcome for a particular application; Ronstan has the flexibility and capacity to define and deliver these solutions in a short time scale.

When special projects (marine or non marine) require a fresh approach to the design of  hardware solutions Ronstan are the first to look beyond the standard products. Custom capabilities extend to car and track profiles, bearing systems and materials not found in the standard range and Ronstan are continually adding to these resources.

The following pictures are some examples of products which have been designed for specific applications, some of which have developed into the standard product range.

                           Series 42 QuadRace Traveller Car

                              Ball bearing Car    

                                  Roller Ball Traveller System

                                 Roller Ball Car                     

           Series 55 Deflector Block                         Alloy Thimble

Deflector Sheaves                 Thimble

       Blank Car Bodies to attach to                  Light Weight Batten Cars

Blank Car           Batten Car      


If you have a project that requires something different or are interested in a particular custom solution you have seen, please contact .