Batten Systems

Fully battened mainsails have increased in popularity due to the advantages they offer over conventional soft sails; more power and a better control of shape, extended lifetime for the canvas and easier handling when reefing and lowering.

The Ronstan ( previously Frederiksen ) batten systems have long been recognised for their efficiency, reliability and elegance of design. Used by day sailor to professional racer, in boats of every size Ronstan has the solution to the age old problem of hoisting and lowering the mainsail.

It is no surprise that Ronstan has been the choice for virtually every Volvo 70 over the past two races.

Ronstan offer two distinct systems: The Ballslide System uses the existing luff groove of the mast with ball bearing car efficiency. The Track System uses an external track attached to the back of the mast for ultimatly efficient ball bearing cars. For more detail of which system best suits your mast follow the sub menus or contact

Batten Track Ssytem Ballslide System