The patented Ballslide Batten System requires neither tracks on the mast nor time consuming fastenings. You simply mount the smooth running Ballslide cars directly into the luff groove of the mast.

                                                    Batten Car Intermediate Car Headboard Car

The advantages of the Ballslide system are: - You will be confident your sail can always be hoisted and lowered without trouble due to the extremely smooth captive ball bearings in the cars. - Fitting is quick and simple. - The mainsail bolt rope runs close to the mast and exactly on the centreline of the mast. - Ballslide cars can run on very flexible masts unable to carry a track. - Ballslide cars can be used in combination with standard sail slugs, they can also be used on soft sails without full length battens for ultimate efficiency.

                                           Batten System

Each Ballslide car runs on two sets of recirculating balls which remain captive in the car. The Ballslide Batten car is fitted to the sail with a stainless balljoint which allows full movement of the batten in all planes. The arm of the stainless ball attaches to the batten box and is compatible with all competitors boxes.

                                                                     Batten Box

The complete range of car profiles and adapters provide the right Ballslide solution for the most widely available mast profiles and luff groove shapes.

                                                                        Ballslide car ballslide car

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