Andersen Bailers

Andersen have manufactured the automatic bailer since 1964, previous to this they were branded Elvstrom bailers. They are recognized as the most effective, reliable and durable self bailer available.

Andersen bailers are made of  Stainless Steel, guaranteeing  many years of trouble free service. The igenious design results in maximum suction capacity and makes them very easy to use. Their robust design requires a minimum amount of maintenance.

External Mounting


Internal Mounting


There are 6 different types of bailer:

New Large (RA554136) - Largest model for outside mounting

Mini (RA554130) - Designed specifically for performance dinghies where weight is a major concern - outside mounting

Super Max (RA554133)- Very large capacity inside mounting

Super Medium (RA55132) - Suitable for most performance hulls, inside mounting

Super Mini (RA55131) - Perfect for small racing dinghies, inside mounting

Super Mini Special (RA435200) - Bailer can be operated from a hiking position via a rope system - inside mounting

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